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Overview of running jobs on the cluster.

Current state of the cluster at 2014/12/02 09:40
(Updated every 2 minutes)

Total Nodes: 211 (Active: 2 Idle: 160 Down: 49)

Idle nodes in queue workq: 160 and express: 2.

Queue information: Running jobs: 0 -- Jobs waiting: 0

List of all running jobs. Please click on the job-id for a list of the 1-minute
unix load level and % idle core time on the node(s) allocated for the job.
For parallel applications this might be useful in identifying communications

Notice that each node has 2 CPUs each with 4 cores, thus in priciple
eight processes (or threads) can be running at the same time on each node
without interfering with each other. The % idle core time is thus a number
between 0% and 800%.

JobnameUser#CPUsJobid Queue

Detailed information for each running job to follow.