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Expanded information about jobs in the queue(s).

The Current Backfill Window shows the resources available on the cluster
"right now". If a job asks for resources in the window it would start right away.
The other jobs waiting in the queue cannot be fit into the backfill window
behind the highest prioritized (queued) job.

Queued Jobs are listed sorted by their priority, starting with the highest
prioritized job at the top. Please read about the scheduling strategy
and priority calculation.

Running Jobs are listed sorted by their expected remaining running time:
requested wallclock time - elapsed time.

Blocked Jobs can occur if an attempt to start the job has failed or for
administrative reasons the job has been put on hold. In either case
it requires operator intervention to release the blocked job (the user may
also choose to delete the job). The jobs may also be blocked due to
dependencies on running or queued jobs.

The column marked #Nodes will for Queued Jobs and Running Jobs list the
Resource Request for the job, which can be a specific number of nodes
or a number of nodes with specific PBS node attributes.

Current state at 2014/12/02 09:40
(Updated every 2 minutes)

Total Jobs: 0 Running Jobs: 0 Queued Jobs: 0 Blocked Jobs: 0

Current Backfill Window

160 nodes in workq available for 200 hours.
2 nodes in express available for 20 minutes.

Queued Jobs

Jobid Priority User Group Queue #Nodes Walltime Queuetime

Running Jobs

Jobid User Group Queue Remaining time #Nodes Available

Blocked Jobs

Jobid User #Nodes Walltime