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Jobs profile information for the period 01/05/2014 to 29/08/2014

The following table compile information about completed jobs, sorted by the number of Nodes used. The quantities presented are:

  • the average time spend waiting in the queue (queue-time)
  • the wall-clock accuracy, i.e. "total time spend running"/"total time requested"
  • total Node-minutes, i.e #Nodes times run-time, integrated over all jobs
  • the number of jobs

#Nodes Queue-time (Hours) Wall-clock accuracy (%) Total Node-minutes #Jobs
1 0.00 6.17 3072 16
2 0.00 13.10 49084 67
4 0.01 50.20 27752 5

The following table presents the same data, but sorted by username. The only new statistic introduced is the average number of Nodes per job. If a user has had less than 20 completed jobs, statistics for that user is not shown.

User Group Queue-time (Hours) Wall-clock accuracy (%) #Nodes/job Total Node-minutes #Jobs
debru10 sduom 0.00 7.91 1.86 22373 50