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Accounting information for the period 25/02/2014 to 06/04/2014

Usage for a job, which have terminated in the PBS queue, is measured in Node-minutes defined as the number of Nodes used times the wall-clock time spend running. Usage per group/user is then defined as the sum of usage by all jobs belonging to a group/user.

A usage of 0 means that the user/group has had jobs submitted to the queue, but the jobs terminated after less than 1 minute of runtime.

Available Node-minutes is defined as

72*24*60*#days after the start day of the accounting period.

Group usage in Node-minutes and % of available Node-minutes.
GroupNode-minutes% of availableAllocated share

Usage per user in Node-minutes and % of available Node-minutes.
UserGroupNode-minutes% of available
vvchaban sduom 982646 23.69%
bastien sduom 956366 23.06%
alhan08 sduom 210704 5.08%
weria sduom 164882 3.98%
poyrys sduom 129170 3.11%
hkhandel sduom 24086 0.58%
svalle other 128 0.00%

Overall utilization of the cluster.

(Total Node minutes used) / (Total Node minutes available) = 59.51%

Utilization per queue.

Workq = 61.19%