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(DCSC) [SDU Cluster: HorseShoe]

This is the homepage for the supercomputing facility at the University of Southern Denmark (DCSC/SDU) run on behalf of the Danish Centre for Scientific Computing.


Latest news
After three years of operation Horseshoe 9 will be powered down July 3, 2017.
All disk systems used with Horseshoe, i.e., wkspaceX and home directories have also reached their end of life.
Starting September 1, 2017 all /wkspaceX directories will stop accepting writes, and by September 29, all disk systems will be powered down, and the frontends closed down.
Any data left on the Horseshoe system after September 29 will be lost!
For quite some time, the HS9 GPU nodes have occasionally died under heavy load due to a hardware error. In an effort to debug this we have reserved four gpu nodes since the beginning of September. Everything should now be working - let us know if you find any issues.
/wkspace1 and /wkspace4 have reached their end of life.
Starting November 1, 2015 both file servers will stop accepting writes, and December 1, 2015 they will be powered down.
All data left on the servers after December 1, 2015 will be LOST.
Please move all your data to the new file server /wkspace5.
After serving us for exactly 3 years, horseshoe8 will be powered down October 31, 2015.
A new file server has been made available as /wkspace5. The file server is configured with the following quotas: sdufs (15T), sduhjj (15T), sduom (15T), sdusr (5T), and dcscfr (5T).
It is now possible to apply for access to Abacus for the next allocation period starting November 1, 2015. Deadline October 1, 2015. For further information, see https://deic.sdu.dk/call-for-access
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