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How to get a DCSC Grant

In general DCSC does not accept applications for grants outside of the issued calls, conducted at least once per year via the DCSC web-site and the DCSC information mailing list (Remember your full contact information, if asking to be on the list). Application deadlines are no less than 60 days from the call is issued.

To help first time small users or users with sudden (modest) needs, applications for limited access to DCSC's "pool of free SC resources" may be submitted at any time. Though it should be noted that DCSC can not promise to grant access, and access will in any case be uncertain, unless formally applied for and granted via a DCSC call.

Applicants must abide by the rules and gridlines stated in the specific call texts. The latest calls can be found at our Application to DCSC page. In general it should be noted that applications to DCSC must be in one document, forwarded by e-mail, consist of the parts mentioned below, in the given order, with the given titles, and within the given space allocation. One page is defined as 2.400 keystrokes including spaces. The DCSC Board might approach external international referees when evaluating applications, and for this reason, applications must be written in English.

Applications will be evaluated on the basis of research criteria and should be submitted individually for each research group.

Application Content

Description of project
(Maximum 1 page):

  • Project title.
  • Project executive summary: Maximum half a page. Additional graphics is welcome, since the summary will be published if the application is approved.
  • Project objective(s).
  • Participants list: With the researchers name; institution; department; phone number; e-mail; web-page (The PI is to be listed first).
  • Research content and potential impact: Which research is to be conducted, why and with which expected outcomes.
  • Relevance and method of applying Scientific Computing to the project objective(s).
  • Workplan and workpackages.
  • Project management and exploitation/dissemination plans.
  • Project resources and budget.

Appendix A - Proposed need for Scientific Computing resources
(Maximum 1 page):

The application must contain:

  • A quotation for the computer hardware equipment which is applied for, i.e. the needed hardware set-up/architecture, machine type (not vendor specific), configuration and capacity.
  • An explanation of why the specific hardware set-up/architecture is indeed needed to carry out the research project that is applied for.
  • If application is Type HDW: Hardware purchasing budget.
  • If application is Type CPU: The number of CPU-years and storage applied for.

Appendix B - Statement from host DCSC regional operating centre
(Maximum 1 page):

  • A statement that the hardware, if granted, can be installed at and operated by the regional operating centre.

Appendix C - CV's and publication lists
(Maximum 1 page per researcher):

  • The application must contain CV's for all the members of the research team, including publication lists covering the last five years.

Further questions or expressions of interest can be addressed to the DCSC Director Rene Belso.