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 The priority of a newly submitted job will give the ranking in the queue,
 and thus the start-time for the job can to some extend be divined by studying
 the list of running jobs.

 However there are a few things to be done before a job is submitted and after
 a job has been queued, in order to allow it to start as soon as possible.

 The Current Backfill Window shows the resources available for a job to be started
 right now. A job asking for resources within these bounds can be backfilled
 by MAUI right away. Caveat: The information is generated every 10 minutes and might
 be out of date when viewed (use it with proper caution).

 This information can be used when submitting a new job, but it can also be used
 in conjunction with the PBS command qalter on existing (queued) jobs:


    Use this command to change the resource request for a submitted job, if the
    job is sufficiently flexible. Both the requested number of nodes and walltime
    can be changed:

    qalter -l nodes=XX job-id

    qalter -l walltime=HH:MM:SS job-id

 A benefit from using these techniques is that the queue time for all jobs can
 be lowered - and that the loss of utilization from scheduling many-CPU jobs
 will be reduced.