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 The user homedirectories are located on mirrored RAID5 boxes for the protection
 of userdata - this homedirectory is available on all the execution hosts and 
 frontends in the cluster. However since the network does not support a great
 deal of traffic, users are required to use the scratch space "/scratch" on
 the execution hosts for temporary data.
 When a job completes, output from the computation can/must be copied to the
 users homedirectory or "/wkspace" (read on). The information about PBS
 will show some examples of this. 

 After the completion of a job, "/scratch" will be erased on the execution
 nodes used by that job. 

 The user has access to 2 other pools of diskspace on all execution nodes and
 frontends called "/wkspace1" and "/wkspace4" meant for storage of temporary
 data. These areas have a capacity of 4,6TB and 76TB respectively.

 Current usage on the homedirectory and workspace filesystems is available on
 the Disk Usage web page.

 DCSC/SDU does not offer diskspace for long term data archival.

 We do not backup any of the filesystems in the Horseshoe cluster. If a
 filesystem crashes, your data is lost unless you have evacuated them to
 safe place outside DCSC/SDU.