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 Dear User,

 Welcome to DCSC's Super Computer at SDU (aka. The Horseshoe).

 We have prepared some documentation for how to use the facility.
 The following questions are answered:

 -- what kind of computer is the The Horseshoe ?

        Please read "horseshoe"

 -- How do I logon ?

       Please read "logon"
       Please also read "How to use SSH keys"
 -- where's my diskspace ?
 -- is it backed up ?     

        Please read "diskspace"

 -- how do I change password ?
 -- how do I change my shell ?

        Please read "password"

 -- what is PBS/TORQUE ?
 -- how do I run a job ?
 -- how do I see which jobs I'm running ?
 -- how do I kill a running job ?

        Please read "pbs" and "MAUI"

 -- which PBS queues are available ?
 -- what are the resource limits on jobs in the different queues ?

        Please read "PBS queues"

 -- how can the new multi-core nodes be used more efficiently ?

        Please read "Jobs on multi-core machines"

 -- is there something I can do to make my job(s) start sooner ?

        Please read "Job resource request management"

 -- is it possible to run jobs using more time than the queue limits ?

        Please read "PBS multipart jobs"

 -- how can I avoid loosing files because the job walltime expires ?

        Please look at this example PBS script: pbs_timer_job_script

 -- can I avoid that a PBS job is requeued after an initial failed run ?

        Yes, add '-r n' to the 'qsub' command or '#PBS -r n' in your jobscript.

 -- how do I compile and run MPI programs ?

        Please read "OPEN-MPI"

 -- how can I make sure my job uses the 16GB or 48GB nodes ?
 -- how can I control which switches (groups of nodes) will be used for my job ?

        Please read "Special node properties

 -- where do I find information about:
      -> usage on the cluster right now ?
      -> loadlevel on nodes right now ?
      -> my past usage on the cluster ?
      -> the queue right now (sorted by start-priority) ?

        Please look at:
	Horseshoe5 statistics
        Horseshoe6 statistics

 -- why is The Horseshoe utilization not 100% - the queue is never empty !? 

        Please read "Horseshoe Utilization"

 If you have questions not answered here please send e-mail to